Jesse Mathers' Photos Of The ATL Twins And Curtis Williams


Written by Robert Foster
09 Monday 09th June 2014
Jesse Mathers spent a couple nights shooting with the ATL Twins in Atlanta, GA with Curtis Williams of Atlanta rap collective two-9. She very kindly sent them to us, along with a fun story about the boys.
So, I'm from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I had never seen Spring Breakers, but I had heard of these two guys from Atlanta, also known as the ATL  twins, Sidney and Thurman Sewell.
I was so curious about these two, I wanted to meet them and photograph them and smoke a joint with them. I knew I was heading to Atlanta to meet some friends in May so I started messaging them on Instagram.  When I arrived in Atlanta, I messaged them and we exchanged numbers. They invited me and some friends over to their penthouse condo in a popular part of town. We took the elevator to the top floor and the last thing I remember saying before entering their place was, "I hope they don't have fluorescent lighting" My friend reassured me that they ought to know a thing or two about lighting.  
So we knock, and Sidney answers the door. He's (always) nursing a bottle of Grey Goose and warmly welcomes us in. They start by giving us a tour of their home. Red walls, white leather couches, hand drawn artwork by Harmony Korine, one bed for the two of them. They share everything, a bed, clothing, women etc. Listening to them talk is crazy, they finish each others sentences, they are always on the same page. They show us their walk in closet filled with clothing they get sent by numerous brands. People just send them shit to wear because they rep it so well. They are really picky about what they wear though. They are always dressed to the nines. After the tour commences, we drink a bottle of champagne, put on some classics to the likes of Barry Mann and Dorris Troy and smoke a joint on their patio overlooking the city. Just as we sit down we hear like 7 or 8 loud pops. Gunshots fired at this gay club right underneath us. Nothing major, no one hurt, we watch the gunman drive off as the cops came a couple minutes after. After talking a bit, hearing about their childhood and growing up in the ghettos of Chattanooga, TN, more people arrive at the penthouse. Curtis Williams comes in with some beautiful girls in tow. He's involved in the Atlanta rap collective, Two-9 ( They are doing some really cool stuff, Curtis was just featured on Wiz Khalifa's new mixtape. 
One thing about time at the twin's place, is that it doesn't exist. You can get there at 10 pm and within what feels like minutes it's 9 am, the sun is up and you're on your way home for the night...morning... It's some twilight zone bullshit. 
As we were leaving, around 6 am, people were still coming through to party. These guys are always on the grind. They work all day and party all night. Two dudes to keep an eye out for, for sure. 
Between all that, we shot some cool photos. 
My IG: @jessesm 
Twins IG: @atltwins
Twins Twitter: @theatltwins
Curtis IG: @thatboycurtis
Shot on a Pentax point and shoot with 35mm color & B+W:

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