LIFT Festival 2014


Written by Robert Foster
03 Tuesday 03rd June 2014
LIFT Festival kicked off properly yesterday, but their two shows that have already started have had rave reviews and sold out and Time Out has given them the top slot this week ('And our MOST ANTICIPATED SHOW of June isn't even a bloody show, what a swizz – it's the LIFT festival @LIFTfestival')
The Change for a Tenner programme is looking great - 5 events and one gameshow packed with political alternatives.
The first one is on Wednesday in Kilburn at the Tin Tabernacle with David Van Reybrouck, Bob and Roberta Smith, Doreen Massey, the crazy Eric Mutch who tried to change his name by deed poll to 'Self Serving Lying Bastard', Kierra Box and Mikey Weinkove from The People's Speak.

Then on 10 June at Peckham Liberal Club there's the one you and Heydon are going to be part of hosted by Amy Lame and along with Amelia Andersdotter (Pirate Party), Holly Baxter, Clapton Ulatras and Duncan O'Leary from Demos. 

Find out more about the whole festival right here.


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