Love and Obstacles


Written by Caisa Ederyd
29 Monday 29th March 2010

Love and Obstacles is Aleksandar Hemon’s latest acclaimed collection of short stories. It treats subjects such as emigration, violence, sex, ambition and love.

As Aleksandar left
Sarajevo for Chicago in 1992 and was unable to return home because of military and political problems, Love and Obstacles seems to treat subjects that are close to Aleksandar’s own reality.

Seeing that Love and Obstacles is written in beautiful prose, engaging humour and emotion, design blog It’s Nice That decided to collaborate with the release of the book and arranged for creative people and students from all over the UK to review it.

The chosen guys got a copy of the book each along with a blank bookmark to write and illustrate creative reviews on. The bookmarks resulted in a range of beautiful notes and thoughts, illustrating reviews that are easier to take on than those you normally read in newspapers.

The bookmarks can be found in our Don’t panic packs and seen on Love and Obstacles’
It’s Nice That also commissioned a pretty cool animation illustrated by James Dawe and animated by Nick Stewart with the voice of Aleksandar himself.


To listen to Heaven from Love and Obstacles read by Aleksandar click here and to listen to Everything, click here.

To get your own copy of Love and Obstacles click

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