MEAT Clothing: Lookbook Videos


Written by Al Raz
18 Thursday 18th July 2013
If you failed to miss it before here are the MEAT look book videos for both S/S '13 and A/W'13. Meat clothing is by the talented  cyber babes Alis Pelleschi's and Bo Claridge and I must say, the A/W video has the best Janet Jackson remix I've ever heard on it by Why Be. Check it here:
The S/S line is still available online and the video is a whole load of crazy sexy cool featuring some popular cyber diva's and dudes including Valentine Lane the alternative model and strip performer. The A/W show entitled Believe was produced and played on Just Jam TV (See it at the bottom.)
If your into plastic fantastic and aren't scared of a little chafing around the body then this is the line for you. Pelleschi and Claridge's line has been on the up and up and her daring, sexy cyber pieces have featured on many a fashion magazine and many celeb. The likes of Yolandi-Vi$$er from Die Antwoord, Brooke Candy and Rita Ora are all firm supporters of MEAT. 
MEAT piece's are some kind of beautiful torn out the pages of a futurist vogue and both the styling and video's that come with the brand are a piece of contemporary art. The pieces are so imaginative and entertaining and it's nice to see people having fun with fashion rather than blending into the curtains. If your not into this I understand but if you are and you never knew, then welcome. 
Also check out Allis's homepage to see more of what she does; because there's a lot. &

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