Meeting Pat Bradbury


Written by Karim Khan
Photos and illustrations by Pat Bradbury
01 Friday 01st August 2008


How did you cultivate your creative mind in that last bastion of culture and taste, Tring?

My childhood basically consisted of playing Sega, watching wrestling and skateboarding. I don't know how it effected my creative mind but i can complete Sonic, powerslam an opponent and kickflip simultaneously.

You went to uni in Leeds - where do you like hanging out?

My room, The Faversham, my friend's rooms, the Wax:on nights at the SU, Opposite Cafe, The Library Pub and the actual library, The Cockpit and the magazine section in Borders.

What's the inspiration for your work?

Always a tough one... I'd say mainly overheard conversations on public transport, old penguin book covers, filthy jokes, nature programs, symbols and iconology, sleaze, Mayan art, people falling over and riding my bike.

Has your business line been ringing off the hook since you won our poster competition?

Yes non-stop, so much so that i had to throw my phone away and I'm moving to the woods to avoid all the calls. Seriously though some people have said some nice things which is, erm, nice.

Which artists are you enjoying at the moment?

Mike Perry, Jean Jullien, Theo Jansen, Alex Brown, Jen Stark and Daniel Everett.


Your most recent art for The Velvet Orchestra reminds me of an OAP Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat... with a tattooed forehead.

Ha, it wasn't a conscious decision but i can see what your getting at, maybe all the characters in Mortal Kombat are ingrained in my subconscious and will emerge in my work at some point.

Have you met many loverats, or are you just a hater?
Just a hater.
What're your plans for the future?

I start my illustration degree at Brighton in September, which I'm really excited about... just going to work hard and hopefully get involved in some interesting projects along the way. I also want to get a good dog and invent a self filling tea pot that is always hot.

Anything you wanna say?

Hello everybody.


Find Pat's collection here.

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