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Neglected Works


Written by Don't Panic
Photos and illustrations by Basile Cuvelier / Neglected Works
17 Monday 17th November 2014

Today, we were sent a great Tumblr called Neglected Works. The concept is pretty simple, but sometimes the best art is....

We caught up with Basile so he could give us an overview of his project:

'One day I was bored at the office and I was vaguely staring through the window. I was not looking at anything in particular, but suddenly I noticed a big white rectangle painted on the opposite wall of the street. It really looked magnificent and it reminded me of abstract painters like Rothko and Gerhard Richter. This shape was actually only a left behind from a working site. Slowly I became more aware of these abandoned paintings on the streets of London. If you change your perception these shapes can actually look quite beautiful,  like some abstract or conceptual paintings. I thought they deserved some recognition. By adding a caption board like in exhibitions it suddenly elevates these neglected paintings to art. My friend Seth, who is copywriter, is helping me to find the right titles, and together we hope to label as many as possible in London and create an online archive for these 'neglected works'.

There you have it, beautifully simple. Be sure to bookmark to and keep an eye out for their future posts being uploaded directly to the Tumblr. We hope you enjoy.

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