'I Want To Be Able To Face Any Situation With Confidence': Photographer Nicholas Quirk


Written by Dont Panic
09 Thursday 09th March 2017

We catch up with Australia-born, London-based photographer Nick Quirk to discuss developing a photographic style, his favourite location to shoot in and more. Check out more of his work here.

Hey Nick, how’re you finding 2017 so far?

Exciting, a lot has changed for me recently. I’m in a new city, making new friends, trying to come up, yada yada yada.

Over time, how do you think your style - if at all - has changed?

My style is still developing but being more conscious of smaller details in the frame, being more aware of a story telling aspect and getting better colours from a good scanning workflow has helped me get an image I’m happier with.

What's been your favourite location to shoot in so far?

I’ve always loved New York. The architecture and streetscapes have been immortalised through film & television and there’s definitely a feeling of nostalgia connected to photographs taken there. New York is the most inspiring city I’ve been to, teeming with creatives that contribute in an incredibly stimulating and interesting city. The standard is high, pushing people to do their best and there are genuine characters all over the place. Also summer dusk lasts for much longer in New York than in Sydney.

Do you ever feel constrained by your style, format, influences? How do you challenge yourself?

Sure, sometimes, I've been shooting mostly film of late. To scan a roll in to see a dud frames because the focus was off or knowing you can’t use that photo large scale because it’s just not sharp enough can be annoying but that’s also part of shooting film, it’s not always perfect plus most of my output is to web so it doesn’t affect me too much. Now that I’m assisting I’ll be shooting a lot more digital to get back into a digital workflow and moving to Capture One.

What do you hope to achieve by sharing your work online?

It was the first step in organising my photo archive/library and to get all my stuff in one place, from negative to complete output rather than having digital negatives poorly organised and unpolished, it’s also a nice reference if I need to direct people to some sort of portfolio. The process of sharing my photos online has helped me refine my workflow and editing.

What would you most like to shoot that, for whatever reason, you haven’t managed to and why?

Challenging shots with lighting set ups I’m not used to or haven’t worked with before, whether that’s a portrait with dynamic lighting or something reflective. I want to be able to face any situation with confidence and that comes with practice.

Do you have any projects lined up in the foreseeable?

Nothing specific lined up for the time being. I'm assisting a talented commercial photographer at the moment and balancing that with work. I’m finding myself time poor but I’ll continue to make portraits of the people that surround me and document the places I visit.

Anyone you’d like to shout out? 

All my Sydney friends, I miss you guys but I’m glad you’re not here to coerce me into spending too much time at the pub/exhibition opening on any given night.

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