NYC Museums Ban Selfie Sticks


Written by Jack Blocker
09 Monday 09th February 2015

I've never understood the need for selfie sticks. I know everyone isn't blessed with a lengthy wingspan, but surely most people can extend their arm far enough to fit their head into a selfie. Along with glorious landscapes and the leaning tower of Pisa, one place you're sure to see folks grinning in front of a pole is art museums.

That's right, that priceless Holbein is going to look even more majestic with your handsome mug in it (now with added shoulder and arm thanks to the stick), and if you don't get a snap you may as well have searched for the painting on Google, you luddite.

But the archaic institutions of art and preservation are wary of four foot poles which could slice through a canvas like a hot knife through butter, so some are barring their entry. According to AMNewYork, the Brooklyn Museum, MoMA, and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, all in NYC, have banned the sticks for safety reasons.

Now people will have to take regular selfies of the artwork, which is a real shame for MoMA visitors. If that 10-foot tall Pollock canvas won't fit in your iPhone's view, it's not worth viewing at all tbh. No word if Tate et all will follow suit, but for the sake of tourism they really shouldn't. For the sake of everyone else they really, really should.

ITT people who take selfies:

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