Open Studio


Written by Siobhan Morrin
17 Wednesday 17th November 2010

Being an artist in London is an expensive business, as Goldsmith graduates, Matthew Wood and Kelvin O’Mard discovered back in 1997. Unable to find local studios, they set up Second Floor Studios and Arts, an affordable space in South London for emerging artists.
Thirteen years on, and the SFSA has expanded, with space for more than 100 artists and plans to house 200 more. Now, for the first time, the project will invite the public in for three days to their Open Studio this November.
The SFSA calls their work a community of artists and with the number of disciplines covered it’s certainly a diverse one. There promises to be a lot to look at, with painters, sculptors, graphic and digital artists involved, not to mention designers in various forms, illustrators, and people working with sound.

This Cezanne leather neckpiece will be one of the pieces on display.
Of course, the artists being real human beings, you don’t just have to watch- in fact, it’s expected that people will chat to the artists, ask questions and find out more about their work. The SFSA Project Director Matthew Wood encourages it: “The Open Studio is a rare chance to see professional artists at work, to meet with them, ask them about their inspiration, techniques and work. To get up close and personal with art and artists of this calibre is a special experience and we are thrilled that our 100-strong artist community will be able to share their work with the public.”
Lots of pieces will be on sale, directly from the artist, as SFSA is non-profit. Even if you’re not a buyer, it’s still worth a trip to Woolwich. It’s not everyday you get to see a hundred different artists at work.
Open Studio will be open to viewings on the evening of Thursday November 18 and all day on November 20 and 21. For more information see:

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