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15 Monday 15th November 2010
The latest show from Outline Editions features work by Kate Moross Anthony Burrill, Beyond the Valley and Hellovon, some of the hottest names of the graphic art scene. Both an online gallery and a curator of pop up exhibitions, Outline Editions is currently based in a former record shop on the bustling market end of Soho’s Berwick Street. Don’t Panic caught up with Bill Tuckey, who co-founded Outline Editions with curator Camilla Parsons earlier this year, to find out more.
How did Outline Editions come about?
My background is in journalism – my last job was editing the Independent on Sunday magazine. For a number of years I’d been commissioning work from graphic artists and illustrators. I felt it was a shame that you’d see these amazing illustrations once in the magazine and then never again. I used to run a gallery with Camilla called the Slaughterhouse, in a disused space in Smithfields. We started chatting through some ideas and were interested in the way graphic artists were moving away from commercial projects and focusing on personal work.
What’s different about Outline Editions?
We’re not the first people to sell graphic art but we’re coming at it almost from an outsider’s perspective. Most people selling in that field are graphic artists themselves. They’re often part of arts collectives or groups of mates of which only one or two are actually any good. We take a more curatorial approach. There’s a lot of rubbish out there but by cherry picking the best artists and work, we cream off the top.
Why is graphic art significant right now?
The whole street art phenomenon of the last ten years has shown that there’s a public appetite for interesting, accessible art that doesn’t require reference to 500 predecessors to understand it. As with street art, graphic art is instantly readable but in pure technical terms the quality is generally higher – so in a way it’s a step on. And whereas fine art trades on elitism and the fact that there is only one unique object, graphic art is the opposite – it’s more friendly.
Tell us a bit about your current show ‘Into the Forest’
Our shop window has been designed by Kate Moross, who is a big star right now in the art world and beyond. The show itself features an amazing selection of work – some playful, some dark, some illustrative, some very graphic and bold. Having the theme (‘nature’) allows us to control what we’re doing while giving an immediate point of reference, making it more accessible. That’s what Outline Editions is about: presenting the best graphic art to a wider audience.
Check out www.outline-editions.co.uk , follow Outline Editions on Twitter: www.twitter.com/OutlineEditions , ‘Into the Forest’ is open Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 6:30pm, 94 Berwick St, London, W1F 0QF. Prints range from £15 - £185.

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