Pierre-Auguste Renoir Sucks At Painting


Written by Jack Blocker
07 Wednesday 07th October 2015

A controversial social movement is currently dominating the American art world. The group of angered aesthetes, who call themselves 'Renoir Sucks At Painting', or something, is petitioning the President to "Remove all of the literally awful Renoir paintings hanging in the National Gallery in Washington DC." They're venting their frustration in a series of protests, most recently at the Museum of Fine Arts In Boston (above). This direct action may seem pointless to the disinterested bystander, but it becomes all the more legitimate once you've read their call to action:

"The #RenoirSucksAtPainting movement seeks to critically reassess the terrible oeuvre of Pierre Renoir. Through the process of de-hanging Reniors from our nation's museums, we work to reverse the deleterious effects Renoir's treacly, puerile paintings have had on our nation.

We call on Mr.Obama to issue a Presidental Proclamation denouncing Renoir for his saccharine scribbles in general, and, in particular, removing all Renoirs from our National museums."

The movement's Instagram is documenting the French impressionist's artistic ills. While I had no beef with Renoir before, after looking at some of his work I'm tempted to change my mind. I mean, it does kind of suck:

I will admit that these people may have a point. All of Renoir's portraits resemble that shoddily restored fresco of Jesus.

On top of this, giving the finger to paintings and picketing a museum with placards which say 'GOD HATES RENOIR' is the kind of arbitrary, hate-filled agitprop I can get behind:

Although nobody thinks this is anything more than a laugh, it's not too crazy to look at these photos and think of similar gatherings; events which have plagued America's public conscience and exposed its shortcomings; demonstrations which have dealt with far more serious issues born from death, from violence, from injustice. Is it right for this largely white crowd to protest as a joke when millions of others protest about real issues - and often achieve nothing?

I'm not sure tbh anyway 10/10 good art lolz.

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