Popsicle Art


Written by Betty Wood
Photos and illustrations by Various
18 Sunday 18th September 2011

Who doesn’t love ice cream - aside from the lactose intolerant? Ice cream, ice lollies and just regular plain old ice – we love it all here at Don’t Panic, and as we say farewell to the summer, for the majority of our readers in the Northern Hemisphere that means signing off on frozen treats for the duration of the winter. As they head into a frosty hibernation, we give them one last hurrah in our run down of popsicles… with an arty twist.

This skulksicle lollipop was created by artists at Hamilton Ice Sculptures for London food photographer David Sykes’ skull lollies project. Looks cool, no?

This next ice lolly might send your temperature racing rather than cooling you down; Del Monte ran a competition a few years back to find out which male celebrity women most wanted to find  on the end of their stick.  They chose James Bond star Daniel Craig, using that swimming trunks scene as the inspiration for their fruit smoothy iced lolly. Following his recent wedding to British actress Rachel Weiss, this is probably as close as anyone else will get to licking those washboard abs anytime soon.

Not that we were ever much good at playing, we always thought guitars were pretty cool. And these ones most definitely are; these all-in-one ice cube and stirrer sets from Cool Jazz (bottom left) are the perfect way to keep your drink cold and stir your cocktail at the same time. Having said that, their tagline of “making your drink rock”… sucks.

But ice cubes can be more than just a simple block of ice. Novelty moulds are available for almost every shape and size these days, from the traditional hen-do penis shaped ice cubes to these floating continent designs by Eddington. (Side note: the UK? Not a continent, nor a sub). If you’re not big on geography, then there’s a whole host of silicon moulds available from ducks, dolphins and kittens to love hearts, alphabet shapes and buttons. Too cute. This selection of fun moulds includes Lego bricks, Pac Man and a ‘cryogenically frozen’ Hans Solo – why not put your inner nerd on ice?

But back to serious popsical art; it takes more than pouring water into a tray to create it. And that’s why we love these ice lollies by the awesome Stoyn ice cream company. Taking iconic figures from the 20th century including Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara and er, Donald Duck, Stoyn have blurred the line between food and art with these delicious offerings. Not only do they look smashing, they taste great too with their carefully blended flavours (see above) bringing a new twist to a traditional form.

Our favourite from the Stoyn range has got to be their blueberry and liquorice flavoured Darth Vader.  The dark master might have been right when he said “You are not a Jedi yet”, but munchin’ on Darth’s noggin’s got to clock you some serious points with the dark side – especially as its liquorice flavour, a room splitter if ever there was one.

“Only your hatred can destroy me” – I beg to differ Darth. Nom nom nom.

Finally, you'll probably appreciate the fact that there’s ice sculpture, and there’s ice sculpture. Created with huge chunks of ice, knives, chisels and chainsaws, the artists behind these amazing frozen feats are awesome. Here’s an example of a recent project for Smirnoff done by the Hamilton Ice Sculptors crew of London showing Big Ben, the Gherkin and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Like your FABs fabulous? Think there's really only one Cornetto? Let us know what you think of these frosty treats.

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