Ryan Hawaii: Blurring The Line Between Art and Fashion


Written by Daniel Haze
Photos and illustrations by Ryan Hawaii
28 Thursday 28th September 2017

Ryan Hawaii first came on the scene as a member of Neverland Clan. Now the artist turned fashion designer is making signature pieces for Skepta. Here we take a look at a preview of his latest collection, where he blurs the lines between art and fashion.



You can tell from Hawaii’s visual references as well as his craftsmanship that he’s an artist. Inspired by some of the late greats, Warhol, Basquiat and Hardy, Ed Hardy that is, Hawaii has created a forward-looking collection where he combines street style, high-art and 00’s punk.The use of a silver space blanket background for the shoot and the Hawaii’s “Factory” logo is a welcome nod to Warhol and his infamous studio. However, the language embossed on Hawaii’s jackets like “Anti-Fame League” are quite anti-Warholian, the king of modern celebrity.


You can see further Pop Art influences from seminal artists such as Basquiat and maybe even Rauschenberg in Hawaii’s affinity for mixed-media. Spray paint, fabric paint and felt tips make up the signature DIY look of the collection of compelling textures and materials. Along with high art there's also some punk elements to the collection. With phrases like “Eat the Rich” on sneakers and upside down American flags sewn onto lapels Hawaii positions himself against the establishment a la Vivienne Westwood and reminds us of his London heritage. Vivid bleached jeans and tie-dyed t-shirts offset grungeyer items like trench coats in a great way, creating a psychedelic-punk fusion.



Hawaii has also included reworked pieces from Ed Hardy, in the most dynamic reimagining of the brand since the untimely death of its founder. I’m sure Hawaii’s use of the eponymous brand will only speed up the inevitable resurgence of Ed Hardy designs, which is so far only been seen in a collab with Illustrated People. Converse also get a Hawaii handup giving the One Star an edge. Check out Hawaii’s reworked Nike pieces here.


Hawaii’s collection is sure to influence the evolution of street style, which has been moving away from the monochrome, brand heavy aesthetic toward a more altered and personalised style and we can’t wait for more of Hawaii’s designs to be available to buy. 



For more on Hawaii check out his Instsgram @ryanhawaii and his website http://www.ryanhawaii.co.uk/

Images/ Designs: Ryan Hawaii








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