Sam Bevington’s Home Truths


Written by Aaron Hunt
22 Monday 22nd March 2010

Illustrator Sam Bevington is a man of many simple pleasures. “I enjoy tea, cigarettes, illustration and marmite on toast, in that order.” says the University Of The West Of England Bristol graduate. His bite size illustrations have been seen in campaigns for the likes of 3 mobile, Wavesport Kayaks, The NHS and many more. 

With an arsenal of colour at his disposal and a keen eye for detail Sam’s work provides a cast of freshly drawn characters and sugar-coated fonts, both of a lively and calming disposition. Having already successfully tucked apparel, album and book cover designs under his belt, it’s no wonder then that he should have an exhibit of his own working coming up.
The exhibition will showcase a series of illustrative mixed media pieces created by the artist. Entitled Home Truths, the show is based around the hundreds of little sayings and idioms that make up spoken English. “I was intrigued by the huge number of these sayings and their meanings and connotations.” says Sam. “Because each piece has one of these sayings on it, it can have both a personal significance to the person who owns it and can also have significance depending on where it is hung”. 
Home Truths opens for viewing on Thursday 8 April at PM at Flaxon Ptootch 237 Kentish Town Road, Kentish Town, London and ends on Wednesday 12 May. 
More of Sam’s work can be seen HERE

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  • Guest: pastandpresentpress
    Fri 01 - Jul - 2011, 13:25
    Sam - can you send me your address so I can put a book in the post to you. Cheers. Mike Manson