Sarah Palin: Going So Very Rouge


Written by DON'T PANIC
12 Wednesday 12th November 2008


It seems Alaska’s plastic-faced governor Sarah Palin has finally given up on trying to be a politician and has settled on doing what she does best: being a self-absorbed, PR-horny grandma of a teenage-pregnancy child – and has decided to write a book about it all. 'Going Rogue' came out last week and sold 300,000 copies on its first day – in other words the content is already being devoured by rednecks all over America who yet again seem to find her comments “refreshing”. For 'refreshing' 'lies'. Yes according to not only her Democrat rivals, but also several of her own campaign people, Palin has casually invented half of the details of her 2008 campaign trail. Unfortunately for Palin – who must have thought a book launch only involved cocktail parties and Oprah appearances – people tend to actually read books. Here are some of her biggest blunders…
  • She boasts that she “made frugality a point” when traveling on state business as Alaska governor. This she did by staying four nights at $700-per-night hotel in New York and sending a $20,000 bill to the state for her children’s travel expenses.
  • She also brags about only accepting small donations to her campaign. An AP report of her finance reports found that of the roughly $1.3 million she raised, more than half came from people and political action committees all giving at least $500. The maximum that individual donors were allowed to give was $1,000, and $2,000 for a PAC.
  • She has devoted a good chunk of her book to blaming her communications aide Nicolle Wallace for “forcing her to wear designer clothes.” The purchases added up to a rough $125,000 at high-end department stores. No one close to the campaign backs up Palin’s version, especially not Wallace herself. Also, no one aspiring to be vice president of the United States takes orders from a communications aide.
  • Palin claims she felt alienated by the McCain campaign advisers and felt haunted by a “jaded aura”. They say they were only trying to teach her that Africa is indeed a continent, and to help her understand the difference between England and Great Britain.
  • Palin writes that she initially liked the idea of making the appearance on Saturday Night Live when she was famously parodied by Tina Fey. However, in this (below) email to her campaign manager Steve Schmidt, she didn't seem that keen. Notice also the two Republicans’ spelling mistakes and use of words like “whack”.
  • In another attack on her campaign staff she blames them for “botching her public image”, when in an email she in fact wrote (again, in her highly professional language): "I am very sorry. u guys are working double-triple time on this blundered-up stuff that they spin bc of my visits w press - while I apologize I say I love you guys!!!"
  • She says she found out only “minutes” before McCain’s concession speech that she would not be allowed to speak, something that led to a long and bitter bitching-session where Palin felt she was being held back from making speeches by the campaign management. In fact, she had been told so several times both on the day and the day before.
  • Palin claims she was charged with a whopping $50,000 in bills for the legal fees of her vetting process (the routine evaluation and background checks of vice-president nominees). A McCain campaign advisor says this is "categorically untrue" and that she was in fact not thoroughly vetted at all.
  • She writes in her book that she was surprised to find out campaign people knew about her teen daughter’s pregnancy at a meeting in Washington just after she was offered the vice-president slot. She had actually told campaign officials about this in writing before she was chosen to be John McCain’s running mate.
And just to round it all up, Palin didn't even write the book by herself. Authors who have a co-writer tend to credit them by putting their names on the cover. But Lynn Vincent, who is a well-known homophobe, is credited nowhere on the cover of Going Rogue despite the brilliant job she did in helping Palin cook up this year’s biggest fictional success. Keep going strong Sarah, and we’ll be expecting the film adaption next year. We hear Michael Moore is directing.

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