Sickboy: Busted Parachute


Written by Flora King
27 Monday 27th September 2010

For the Sickboy fans amongst you, don’t miss your opportunity to snap up a copy of Busted Parachute, the artist’s first ever retrospective book available to buy from this Friday through his website Beautifully bound, and sold as part of a wooden collector’s box set alongside two limited edition prints (signed by the artist and produced in conjunction with Pictures on Walls,) Busted Parachute charts a decade of the Sickboy story, from early days in Bristol to arrival on the global stage.


Sickboy : Busted Parachute from Mark Warrington on Vimeo.

Including a foreword by author Tristan Manco and featuring special projects with the photographer Viktor Vauthier, Busted Parachute is a hand-finished, bright red volume with gold-embossed text, and every page as infectiously energetic as those signature Sickboy creations we have grown to know and love. “From his iconic and globally-recognisable red and yellow street logo known as The Temple, to his spectacular paintings, spray-painted caravans, street actions, and sketchbook drawings, the inimitable art of Sickboy is showcased here for the first time in its entirety.”
Alongside the sixty-edition Busted Parachute box set – priced at £125 – Sickboy is also releasing an exclusive ten-edition box set, priced at £250 and including three hand-finished screen prints on a variety of special papers.
You can read more about Sickboy here.

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