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Skinning A Sex Doll


Written by Jack Blocker
14 Wednesday 14th October 2015

When Los Angeles-based photographer Sharon Marie Wright ended up with a sex doll in her possession, she did what anyone would do. She got her sharpest knife and skinned it. In fairness to Sharon, she isn't a budding Ted Bundy or run-of-the-mill weirdo, but a photographer who works with the love dolls on a regular basis.

Unfortunately for the doll in the following photos, she was never collected by the company that rented her to Sharon for another project:

"I did the shoot and contacted the company I borrowed her from numerous times about getting the girl back to them but never got a response about it.  They loved my shots, they were interested in having me do some other things for them but never seemed to want the doll back.  That was over a year and a half ago."

RIP. If your boss isn't into you checking out dismembered plastic humans, then this is probably NSFW.

Check out the full story on Sharon's site. Don't click if you're in the below photo, it will be too tragic:

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