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Spearhunter: A Documentary


Written by Dont Panic
06 Wednesday 06th January 2016


For its less than 15 minutes runtime, Spearhunter is an engrossing insight into obsession, force of will and legacy.

Directed by Adam Roffman and Luke Poling, the award-winning documentary takes us to rural Alabama to examine the self proclaimed 'greatest living spear hunter in the world', Gene Morris. A retired Air Force colonel and property investor, Harris began hunting with guns and bows, then progressing - or regressing, depending on your outlook - onto spears out of boredom. He expressed pride in being able to use the tool to kill two animals simultaneously and it's stated that he killed in excess of 500 animals overall.

Morris died while hunting in 2011, so we're left to the likes of his former partners and employees to get a grasp of the man. His passion for his so-called sport seemed matched by a desire by legacy, whether it's in the fact he successfully challenged state law to legalise spear hunting, the variety and number of animals he killed and that he established the world's only spear hunting museum. It's truly interesting to see those close to Morris enthuse and contemplate the man, his bloody pursuit and what he's left behind.

SPEARHUNTER from Adam Roffman on Vimeo.

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