Spotlight on: Cockheart


Written by Dan Haze
25 Wednesday 25th October 2017


Cockheart is an ambitious, inclusive brand founded in East London three years ago. Dedicated to the empowerment of LGBTQI+ people around the world, their distinct garms and methodology have earned them over 20k followers on Instagram and a strong underground following.

Their instantly recognizable logo, designed by Bence Baranyai combines the masculine and the feminine, the heart and the cock; creating a symbol that exists between the two; fully embodying queer culture in one piece of seminal iconography. This individual insignia is embezzled on all their clothing which is welcome nod to noughties rave culture and Berlin nightlife mixed in with a little fetish of course.


Along with creating clothes and community, the Cockheart family are also involved in nightlife. They’re often seen collaborating with Berlin Berlin: LDN  to throw parties that undoubtedly influence how they create and style their collections.

The four owners of Cockheart are all dedicated to the celebration of diverse queer culture and expression. Their clothes are there to inspire, to make you to look- and feel- good wearing them and inspire a good time. They also seek to ‘build a world wide community, and act as a form of 'safe haven' for all the beautiful queers around the world’ which is pretty inspiring.

The best thing about a brand like Cockheart is that you’re not just wearing clothes, you’re expanding a community, broadcasting unity and championing diversity.


For more on Cockheart check out their Instagram or their website here.


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