Written by Kim Wilson
06 Monday 06th June 2011

Are you trying to make a political or social statement?

Yes, an emotional take on politics. Something that isn’t easily expressed in words. I have a monthly column in the Hackney Citizen, I comment on the news in pictures. Next month’s feature will be around education. It is the idea of reclaiming the streets. A more elaborate sentiment of ‘I woz ‘ere’ with added emotion and depth. Like cave people etching on the wall.

Have you ever been arrested?

No comment. I talk to the police these days, attend conferences and meet with both sides of the debate. Central Saint Martins hold talks to discuss solutions to how artists and councils can work together rather than against each other.

Did you meet many other artists on the street?

Yes, I know a few of the ‘writers’. I’m from a different lineage to them but I’ve learned a lot from watching and talking with my contemporaries. I’m good friends with street artist Run, we collaborated last year in Ladbroke Grove. I also know Zomby, Doze and a few of that old-school crew. Those guys are so natural with the spraycan. It's amazing to watch.

Do you have a favourite piece of work?

Pretty proud of the chimney on Mare Street

© George Rex Photography

Do you have a favourite artist?

Dick Bruna - he created the Miffy books. He is really amazing. He has seen my work and he likes it. I still have a book, Miffy the Artist - she puts some paint on the wall: Miffy & the spraycan.

Did you study art?

No, graffiti artists share their knowledge with each other. It’s a very sophisticated community and there's a lot of expertise in the field. I've also started life drawing classes.

What do you have planned for the future?

My third show this year will be at the King of Paint in Bristol, after this and the lightboxes at the Subway Gallery. In September, I’m doing a show in Graffik Gallery, Ladbroke Grove.

You wear a lot of orange. Is that your favourite colour?

I’m really into turquoise at the moment.

For more info (and images), check out Stik's Flickr account and official website. His next show is at King of Paint in Bristol, from June 16 - July 16 (2011).

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