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Written by Grant Bilkus
28 Monday 28th June 2010
This week we bring you Banksy's suprise appearance at Glasto, Mear One painting session, Stolen Space show, Geisha Arts and Dface tees.
Recently Banksy spoilt us with all his new work in the states but has he hit Glastonbury for yet another year? This pic was uploaded to the web shortly after it was spotted. We would like to hear your views.
Over in LA Mear One took part in a live painting session at the Vox Humana event presented by L.A. ART MACHINE and Rivera & Rivera Gallery to celebrate graffiti as a contemporary art form. Mear One painted a big 3.5 x 7 meter piece and proves to be a talented and influential figure in LA.
This summer has proved to be a good one for shows and we have a few to look forward too! Here's a couple of them:
Stolen Space have their Summer Group Show opening on July 2 featuring works from Von, Wordtomother, Mr Jago, Mudwig, Shepard Fairey and loads others.
Planet Patrol’s opens on July 8 and features Matt Stuart, Sal, Dran and Bom.K.
It’s nice to get out of the big city every one in a while, and next we have something a bit special taking place in sunny Brighton. Geisha Arts’ uncompromising and awe inspiring space plays host to an eclectic mash up of the uppermost raw and cutting edge art makers from Brighton and London. “It’s our chance now to show those coastal numpties who's the boss”, as Brighton takes on the big smoke in what’s set to be an explosive show.
Artists Include: Goldie, Jamie Reid, Zac Walsh, Matt Small, Lucas Price, Burning Candy, Dan Baldwin, John Simpson, Remi Rough, George Morton Clark, Cosmo, Jo Peel, Ryca, Alex Dipple, Jenkins, Rob Sample, Ben Allen, Andy Doig, Construct Transparent, Scott Nellis, Sinnaone, Jim Sanders and Scooney.
If you attend early enough you can then wonder to the Ink D gallery where REQ has his Spraypaint Realism show until July 11. While the show is on there will classes and workshops with REQ in life drawing, spraypainting and mono printing. A great opportunity to learn part of the trade! Click here for more details.
Finally Dface has designed these very limited affordable D-Dog tees! Now available on Dface's website, click here to purchase! 


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