'Satire Is Needed Now More Than Ever': Street Artist Subdude


Written by Dont Panic
10 Wednesday 10th May 2017

We discuss artistic beginnings and political influences - from technology to 'tangerine tyrant' Trump - with the prolific London-based creative​...

Hi SubDude. How long have you been making art for, what's your background in the subject?

I have been doing street art for under a year. I did a couple of creative projects as hobbies before that. I was an admirer of the London street art scene for many years, so last year I decided to do some myself. I am self-taught.   

What first drew you to social-political matters as an influence?

I'm a natural news junkie. I was one of those geeky kids who sat watching the news, so I've been interested in socio-political matters from a relatively early age. When I heard about things like presidents and parliaments and wars, I wanted to find out a lot more about how it all worked and why things happened the way they did. 

I'm very interested in politics so I have plans to do much more on the subject. 

What do you think is the most important person or issue you've covered in your work?

Very difficult to say. I think they're all important in their own way. But if you forced me to choose one, it would have to be the bad hombre with fake views - the tangerine tyrant Trump.  

Who'd you say are your current artistic peers?

There are so many good street artists displaying their works on London's walls at the moment... the list of peers would be far too long for here! 

Are you keen to branch out of posters, prints and stencil painting?

The idea is the most important thing to me. The medium can change. I'm interested in exploring all sorts of artistic avenues. 

What're your thoughts on contemporary satire? It seems to have been a rocky few years for the form

I think there is good satire out there if you look. Some of the stuff on Trump has been excellent. With the current state of political affairs from Trump to Farage to Le Pen to Assad to the Islamic State, I think satire is needed now more than ever. Mr Trump and many others have presented a big target, so I hope to see sharp satirists rise to the challenge over the coming years. 

What're your predictions for the forthcoming election and Brexit?

Mistress May is a very savvy and Machiavellian political operator. Puppy Jeremy is a very nice old man with noble ideals, but no idea how to gain power to put them into action. As for Brexit, anyone who says they know what is going to happen is lying. The unforeseeable future will tell. 

Thanks SubDude. You can check out much more of his work here.

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