Team Daddy


Written by Jessica Allen
02 Saturday 02nd May 2009

As there are only two of you, do you find you need to out-source other creatives to complete your projects?

It changes project to project and idea to idea. As the majority of our work is directing, we obviously need to work with lots of other people to realise our ideas. Other projects we can completely do in our studio on a few computers. We enjoy working with other people.

What special effects do you use to create your videos?

Very special effects. (do you mean software?)


We started out just making animation as we could do it in our bedroom with ease on two computers, but now we'll use every trick in the book depending on the idea and budgets.

Whose idea was it to pelt fruit at Richie from Jape?

It actually came to Richie in a dream.

What are three important things to remember when working as a designer/animator?

Keep your eyes open. Eat well. Make sure your computer is turned on.

If you could make a music video for any musician or band in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

Michael Jackson

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