The creatives behind festivals: Arthur Rambo


Written by James Ratcliffe
16 Monday 16th June 2014

What is your background in art and design? 

I was heavily involved in graffiti for most of my life, which paved the way for me to travel around europe with other artists 'battling' crews from other cities. I was then offered a studio job aged 22 which introduced me to more digital design avenues and I ended up working for some huge brands all over the world, designing logos, look books, clothing, websites, and even exhibition stands. Now I have been freelance for three years and have been moving more toward Art Direction for TV and Film which is really fun. Combining my freehand work, with digital work and also hands-on prop making suits me because every day is different, and a new creative challenge.

What were your initial thoughts when you were asked to design the artwork for the festival? 

The guys behind outlook festival approached me back in 2009 I think, and they asked me to give them some ideas of how the flyers might look, so I designed the very striking text heavy line up posters that they still use today. I also drew up a new logo for them, which at first (one of them) didn't like, but after some internal discussions, the now very iconic 'sunburst' logo was approved and rolled out across the entire festival. Over the years I have met people who have had it shaved into their heads, painted on their vans, and even one guy with it tattooed on his body. Crazy..

Are you a fan of festivals, and how did this effect your approach? 

I have been going to festivals for over 10 years, often employed as a graffiti artist, or doing art installations. Not to mention lots and lots of graphic design for a whole bunch of different festivals. So festivals for me have really been a way of developing my style and growing as a designer

What were your main inspirations for the direction of the artwork? 

Again, it all depends on the festival itself, some festivals have design guidelines that I must adhere too, whilst the newer festivals who are yet to have a developed style, often ask me to design something for them to grow with.

Is there anything in particular you have to consider when designing for a festival? 

Things like the crowd, the music policy and the location are all factored in to my designs. You can't design anything too childish for a festival aimed at people aged 25 and over for example. And vice versa.

Did you work with anyone else on the project? e.g illustrators / photographers? 

I have worked with so many over the years, and am proud to have so many other creatives on stand by when we need to get some fresh eyes on a project.

Have you worked on festival branding in the past?

Again, there are so many festivals to mention, for example: My really good friends, and business partners 'Mad Ferret Productions' started a festival called 'Mad Ferret Festival' in Manchester years ago, and that festival grew and grew and is now the festival you all know as Parklife. I have been invited to this festival every year to do graffiti, help on installations and signage. And sometimes digital design work for the promoters. But unfortunately I can't go to all the festivals I work for. Because its just too many weekends lost to partying. As my work load increases, my festival days are becoming shorter..

If so, who are you looking forward to seeing most? 

Meadows in the Mountains would have been my favourite to go to this year. Last year I helped some really great girls make a dreamy woodland trampoline arena. But this year I was too busy to get to Bulgaria. Which I am genuinely upset about. But I'm already in talks with the organisers to get there early next year and do some large scale installations all over site.

Head over to Arthur's webite to see more of his work:
& follow him on Instagram to stay update: @itsonlyarthur


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