The McMass Project


Written by Jack Blocker
26 Wednesday 26th November 2014

An artist by the name of Paul Di Lucca has created a polished Indiegogo campaign called The McMass project. It aims to rejuvenate dwindling church numbers by opening a McDonald's amid the alter and pews of an established place of worship. 

This must be a joke right? You're a sharp bunch, so I'm sure you think this is an absurd ploy to dupe the moral majority at reactionary media outlets. Although it probably could, fanning blasphemous flames doesn't seem like the primary reason behind the campaign. According to ANIMAL, the McMass Project first appeared at the wonderfully named Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon, an NYC event that parades the dumbest tech ideas (Tinder for babies etc).

At this Disrupt for geeky banterlopes, Di Lucca pitched McMass to various impressed 'investors,' who were thrown aback by the artist's incredible commitment to the cause. But while his conviction appeared sincere, the $1 million investment goal suggests he was really doing it for the lols, not a bit on Fox News.

Of course, you could argue that it is real. While the goal may be obscenely high, it's not a total impossibility that it can't be hit. After all, everything on Indiegogo/Kickstarter is valid until it doesn't reach its target.

Ultimately, the presence of McDonald's, religion and the ethics of crowdfunding mean the commentariat can pick this one apart as they please. Which will be fun to watch if McMass ever goes viral. Personally, I just hope these t-shirts and snapbacks are real. Yours for only $25:

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