The Modern Craft Project


Written by Barney Cox
05 Monday 05th November 2012


Holy Kitsch!

Those lovely people over at Holy Kitsch! sure have a passion for genuine, hand-crafted, folk-art pieces. They have scoured the four corners to bring us some of the most eye-popping, charming craftsmanship from around this big ole' world of ours. From stunning animal ‘skulls’ decorated in psychedelic colours and beading, to kitsch Christian iconography, these authentic products pop with colour. The store even has a section dedicated solely to Frida Kahlo: everybody’s favourite, Marxist, mono-browed, feminist, Mexican painter!


Mountain Pouf

Available at Story North, this knitted pouf is inspired by Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden. After a hard day’s work, what better way to massage your ego than putting your feet up on top of a mountain and pretending you’re an Old Norse god? Fear us, foolish mortals!



Picture the scene: you host an extravagant dinner-party, outfitted in this season’s most eye-catching, on-trend attire, and then… in slinks your cat, totally nude. Urgh! Your guests titter behind their hands, amused by how painfully unfashionable your feline friend is. Sooo embarrassing, right? Thanks to CATatelier, your days of social shame are over. From smart bow-ties, to chic neckscarfs and Parisian berets, they’ll turn your feline from frumpy to fashionista in no time!


Shino Takeda Ceramics

New-York based ceramist Shino Takeda grew up on Kyushu Island in Southern Japan, and her heritage is reflected in the beautiful ceramics she makes. Looking equally at home in a contemporary design museum, as they would fresh from the ground of an ancient East Asian archaeological dig, her refined pieces are sure to make a lovely addition to any fashionable homestead.



As if a brightly-coloured dinosaur wasn’t cool enough, Lucas Michael, over at CrazyCouture has come up with a unique product: the ‘Dino Planter’. That’s right, these dinosaur figurines also double as flowerpots for your budding cacti collection. Finally, we can combine our passions for desert botany and palaeontology! “Why?” you might ask. Well, why not?!



With an estimated decay rate of 500-1,000 years, it’s no wonder the plastic bag is the scourge of environmentalists and eco-warriors around the globe. What are we to do with these fiendish pests? Helle Jorgensen, a talented crafter, has come up with a creative and colourful answer. Over at Gooseflesh, her online store and craft-blog, she turns plastic bags and other bits of 'rubbish' into delicate jewellery-pieces, ornamental deep-sea coral gardens, and fantastically vibrant ocean creatures. Who knew recycling could look so good?


Feeling sufficiently inspired? Good! Now, you too can join the ranks of these talented and original crafters. The guys over at the trend-setting Vice and *Wallpaper magazines, in collaboration with Ketel One vodka, have just launched ‘The Modern Craft Project’.

Judged by some of the leading figures in the field, this competition will see skilled and talented crafters compete for the Ketel One Legacy fund, a prize which will award winners financial support in order for them to take their craft to new heights. The project will also open a much-anticipated London exhibition in 2013, which will play host to all the competition's shortlisted applicants. We can't wait! 


Visit the website for more information, to check out the shortlisted crafters, or to apply yourself.

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