The 'Other' Folder On Facebook


Written by Al Raz
08 Thursday 08th August 2013
There's a folder you probably don't know about on Facebook. It's been hiding in plain site in the corner of your eye, passively aggressively waiting to be found. If you're a straight guy this shouldn't be too much of a problem, unless you attract the trippin bitches that is. I found mine recently and I wish I hadn't. If you go into your inbox section on fb, you'll see a folder deceivingly called 'Other' near the top left hand side. Inside is a mixture of spam, event messages for shitty nights but most of all, messages from seedy men and people you were hoping wouldn't ever find you on the internet. If someone messages you and you have no mutual friends, it will go in there.
In mine, I found quite a lot of messages from men who I could only confirm are probably as old as my dad and who probably had children the same age as me if not older. Each message tended to have the same format: they just came across my profile whilst browsing, followed by the fact that they had children, worked in IT and lived in the outback of America somewhere and that they fancied starting a magical relationship. Here's some for you:
Hello, how are you doing today? My name is Nelson,52 years of age single with 1 Daughter,live in the New Port Wales,just saw profile on FaceBook and got interested in getting to know you,will tell you more about my self later,hope to hearing form you Nelson
Hello pretty,
The basic realities of life does not solely depends on how often one smiles... but on how often those that makes one smile comes across ones path.I am Engineer Willy by name and have come to realize that true love can only come when you don't look for it,I must confess that your profile struck me down and got me smiling. I would love to know you, and better still, get acquainted please do reply my mail. Willy Ben
And my favourite from a guy called Amine: 
So romantic looking...
Anyway since informing other females of what should rightfully be called the sketchy folder, they've come across several other baby daddy's hoping to form a new long distance marriage over the internet. But what's worst is it seems to have been a pigeon hole for guys they've met out on nights out. Those one nighters you willingly let go of and vanish into the atmosphere have found their way through some black hole and back to into your loving arms. You know what you can do? Mark as unread, delete that bitch and pretend like it never happened. You can also change your sex to male on Facebook, that way it filters you out of the female search pool, but it does look like you're fraping yourself, which is a cry for help if I ever saw one. 

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