The Walls Have Eyes


Written by Richard Parker
01 Monday 01st June 2009

London graffiti artists Jimi Crayon and Stika are supporting the national THINK! drug drive campaign with a massive artwork in Shoreditch. The wall, part of the Village Underground events space know hosts three prominent eyes and is a striking visual representation of the involuntary effects that cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy have on the eyes. The message ‘drug driving is it worth it?’ and ‘your eyes will give you away’ aims to create a talking point about the issue by reminding passersby that police are able to spot the signs with some trained to check the pupils as part of the field impairment assessment.

The THINK! drug drive campaign, launched with the first ever TV advert in August to raise awareness of the dangers of driving after taking drugs, and to remind the target audience of the penalties and consequences of a conviction.

Yes if you thought booze was bad, but a bit of bugel, or a couple of puffs on a joint was fine - YOU WOZ WRONG! Drug drivers can suffer from slower reaction times, erratic and aggressive behaviour, an inability to concentrate properly, nausea, hallucinations, panic attacks, paranoia, tremors, dizziness and fatigue. Clearly, in such a condition, it is a bad idea to be behind the wheel of a car, for the driver and their passengers. During the phase whilst the effects of drugs are wearing off, the taker may feel fatigued, which will affect their concentration whilst driving. Hear it from a professional - Dr Celia Morgan, Psychopharmacologist, University College London.

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  • Guest: john_g
    Mon 21 - Jan - 2013, 18:20
    This makes me laugh, Jimi is the biggest coke head you could meet...hahahahahah.