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Tommy Forbes - North American Portrait


Written by Tommy Forbes
04 Thursday 04th September 2014

Bunkerville, Nevada - 23rd June 2014

I’d been working across America for over a month when we arrived at Cliven Bundy’s Ranch. We’d come to Bunkerville to talk to him about the armed stand off he’d had with the Federal Government (United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM)) earlier that year. On arrival we were met by two armed militia, one of which you see in the above picture. Both men, when they’d heard about Cliven’s situation, had given up their lives to come and protect a man they believed stood for something important.

After a dramatic armed stand off between Bundy and the BLM, the Federal government backed down and left. Two men stayed behind and are now considered part of the Bundy family. Lying next to semi-automatic shotguns they now sleep beneath a tree in Cliven’s garden protecting him just in case the government comes back. 

Unsurprisingly, the man above is called ‘Buddha’ and, in this picture, he is stood under the bridge where the final stand off between the BLM and Bundy took place. As we walked away Buddha kindly pointed to the locations of his snipers who’d been watching us all the time. 

This and other pictures are part of my 'North American Portrait' that can be seen on now.








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