UKIP! The Musical


Written by Don't Panic
24 Friday 24th July 2015

After sell-out previews in London, where songs like 'Bongo Bongo Land', 'Europa you Raped Her' and Ukippers' anthem, 'Let's Pull Up The Drawbridge', went down like a foaming pint of nut brown ale, Hell Bent are determined to take their show to this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. However, they lack the funds to do so. Before we urge you to cough up, take a look at what the musical is all about:

"Nigel Farage is a haunted man. Tormented by feelings of impotence and inadequacy, he just doesn't know how to rescue Britain from Europe's clutches. However, following a visitation from the Ghosts of Britain's Past (Churchill) and Britain's Quite Recent (Thatcher) he suddenly sees a way to win over the public - only to watch his plan to save Britannia backfire spectacularly. Will it be too late for our anti-hero to save the day, his country and his wife?"

Sounds good, right?

If you agree, head to the group's Kickstarter to donate to the cause. They need £10K, and as they're already at £4.5K they might just make it. But with only 6 days to go things could come down to the wire.

Donate now.

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