Used & Abused


Written by James Ratcliffe
15 Tuesday 15th April 2014

At the gallery until Thursday, Used & Abused explores and celebrates the raw culture and lifestyle of skateboarding through the power of illustration and design. Featuring a handmade aesthetic, the show champions youthful DIY attitudes to life, doing things just for the love of it and bringing people together to have fun in a creative atmosphere.

As an audience of creatives, teenagers and industry professionals visited the space for the launch, skaters thrashed the two mini-ramps set up either side of the central showcase until the floor became soaked with the free drinks provided by the show.

It didn’t stop there, as the vibe carried over to the Big Chill bar where the main sponsors and affiliates, Entirety Clothing and Campus Skatepark, threw a private hip-hop party.

It was a truly electric and atmospheric launch for the exhibition, broadcasting some true talent in the heart of Bristol. Exhibition curator Raquel Lowsley, from Bath School of Art and Design, was overwhelmed by the response to the launch night.

Used & Abused features work from fifty of the UK's most exciting and talented illustrators, including Liam Barrett, Jean Jullien, Marcus Oakley, Jay Cover, Supermundane, Nicolas Burrows, Mike O'Shea, Adam Higton, Sainty, Harry McKenzie, Jack Bailey, Dom Owen, Eliot Wyatt, Ed Cheverton and 45rpm.

A number of the one-off, limited edition decks have already been sold but others are still available to view and purchase on Entirety Clothing's website, They can either be picked up this Thursday morning from the space or sent out across the UK for an additional fee.

Sponsored by

Entirety Clothing 
Campus Skatepark 
Instagram: @usedandabusedshow

Full list of illustrators taking part:

-Liam Barrett
-Jean Jullien
-Natasha Durley
-Mike O'Shea
-Alex Walker
-Dominic Owen
-Henry St Leger aka Sainty
-Marcus Oakley
-Jack Bailey
-George McCallum
-Jess Warby
-Tom Cummings aka Tommings
-Jimmy Patrick
-Ollie Smith
-Nikoo Bafti
-Adam Higton
-Grant Peacock aka Kid Milk
-Pippa Toole
-Rob Hodgson
-Rob Lowe aka Supermundane
-Lauren Squires
-Will Harvey
-Edward Cheverton
-Nicolas Burrows
-Marina Muun
-Harry McKenzie
-Callum Robey
-Thomas Howes
-Jonny Packham aka Jaypee
-Jay Cover
-Eliot Wyatt
-Hannah Josey
-Calum Brodie
-Matt Bromley
-Daniel Baker
-Xander Hook Hultgren
-George Newman
-Martin Lee
-Harry Chilcott
-Nigel Robinson

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