Winter Radmissions #1 - Jarvis Lawson


Written by Jack Blocker
29 Wednesday 29th October 2014

Sadly, the summer is now officially over, and all the sun-kissed moments that smothered the hotter months have been washed away by freezing weather and shitty Halloween-themed club nights. In hope of cheering you lot up, I've decided to get the ball rolling on another photo series. I want people who appeared in the original Rad Photos to holler at me again, folks who we've never seen before to drop speculative emails, and - like today's first contributor, Jarvis Lawson - guys I found on tumblr to give us a shout.

There is a catch: For this feature, which will be known as WINTER RADMISSIONS, anyone who wants to have their snaps on DP will also have to endure a bunch of hard-hitting questions courtesy of me. People wanna know about you, ya dig? If you want to be featured, pester me at

So without further ado, here's Jarvis Lawson kicking us off. I picked him out thanks to his incredible forays into the Midwestern pastoral. We often see pics from exotic corners of the globe, but it's a rare day Milwaukee flashes across your screen.

Where are you right now? 

On my couch listening to DJ Shadow. 

How did you get into photography? 

I've always had an interest, but Instagram really was the big push into my photography career. I saw a lot of inspiring creatives. Life changing, so to speak. 

Are you pro?

Fuck, I wish. 

Tell us all of your favourite things about Milwaukee. 

Yeah, Milwaukee is a great city. It's large for Wisconsin, but it's crazy tiny compared to larger cities like L.A. and Chicago. I like it though. Every spot is basically untouched ya know? That's what I love about it. I'm representing Milwaukee. That's probably my favourite thing.

I keep seeing pictures of outrageous Bloody Marys from Milwaukee. Is it some sort of drinkers paradise? 

That it is, sir. Unfortunately, Wisconsin is known for us citizens consuming large amounts of alcohol 

You seem really interested in urban decay and exploration - what draws you to these environments? 

It's hard to explain. I guess the raw feeling and uneasiness of going off and venturing into the unknown. I like that shit. Brings a different perspective to people. 

What's the place you most want to visit and why? 

Man...San Francisco, New York, London, Turkey, looks so gnarly there! Endless shooting. 

What is your favourite shot and can you give us a little background on it? 

My favorite shot? Honestly I don't have one. But if it had to be one, it's probably this pigeon I caught. It was eating my Cheeto. 

What or who inspires you? 

Everyday life. My photography homies for sure. They are always pushing to be better - which makes me better. 

Thanks Jarvis! If you want your photos featured and the chance to answer some thought-provoking questions, drop me a line on

Check out more of Jarvis' work on his tumblr and his instagram @lurkhard1.

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