Winter Radmissions #2 - Alexander Coggin


Written by Jack Blocker
30 Thursday 30th October 2014

Next up is Alexander Coggin, an American transplant in Berlin. I really dig his snaps. They've got a real clean edge to them for such candid shots, which is a very rare thing. Anyways, I'll let him explain some of his favourites. Take it away, Alexander.

This was at my grandmom's surprise 80th birthday party, and we invited a bunch of Philadelphian Italian women that she'd known for ages. Everyone went nuts for the shrimp and I really like the specificity of gesture and the details - the nails, the jewellery, it all feels very accurate and familiar to me. How the hand resembles a shrimp-shape, I love it.

I came back from Berlin this summer and my eye was just going nuts with the American details of everything. It's so much information and this image feels extremely specific. It was taken in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I was stepping on a trashcan to get this shot, very unsafe, but I'm happy I made the effort. My sister was returning something in J. Crew and I got yelled at. 

My boyfriend's brothers in Frankfort, Michigan, just as they realised that the boat was out of gas. I'm a self-taught photographer with an education in Theatre, and I took this when I first started shooting seriously.  With this shot, I discovered that I can continue to explore, capture, or even dictate narrative and character-specificity on my own, without the aid of a playwright, a cast or a production. It was a big deal for me and a bit of an epiphany. I mean, look at their expressions! I never get tired of looking at this image.  

Want to see more? OK!

Check out Alexander's website for more of his work.

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