Winter Radmissions #3 - Ashley Lewis


Written by Jack Blocker
03 Monday 03rd November 2014

Our next Winter Radmission is courtesy of Ashley Lewis. He recently spent a day with City of London Police, thanks to an upload on Instagram. We got him to talk us through his ride-along:


I posted a photo of a police officer to my Instagram feed (now deleted) and someone at the City Police saw it. I guess they liked it, because they told the communications department who organised to have me ride along with them for the day. 

I met up with the dog unit at 7am and saw the team search and secure a building in the City in preparation of a Royal visit later in the day. I was walked through the process of how they swept through the floors and through the rooms as the dog searched while they followed. Ours didn't find anything and the building was declared safe. 

We then moved onto the police station where I saw the cells, toured the facilities and was introduced to CID and the fraud squads. After a short break we bundled into the back of a Police BMW and went out with the traffic teams.

These are the guys that'll pull you over if your tax is out of date, insurance is missing or your lights are out. No high speed pursuits occurred on my ride along, but I did get some funny looks from passing pedestrians.

From there we were called to an incident on Tower Bridge. The police were running random vehicle stops and one van in particular had caught their attention. We arrived on the scene just as the dogs sniffed out a bunch of suspicious cans and boxes. I don't know what happened to the two guys whose van it was.

Check out Ashley's website and tumblr. Follow him on Instagram @ash.

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