Worst Status Of The Day


Written by Al Raz
26 Friday 26th July 2013

Worst Status of the Day is a Facebook page run buy a guy who calls himself Don Worst Status. He preys on the weak and stupid and the page is dedicated to all the stupid fucks on fb who have been brought to light and posted on the page. The page currently has 22,905 likes and it's a great time waster and can give you a little chuckle from time to time. No one really interviews fb page owners because it's just not a thing but I thought it'd be interesting to see what the life of a big fb page don is like...


Why did you start this page & how much of your day does it take up?
I started this page because I was sick of the awful status updates I was seeing from my friends on my own timeline. I tried getting my brother, cousin and friend to help me out to lessen the workload, but they always seem to fuck up so I've gone back to being a one-man-band. 
Have you had any problems/abuse since starting the page?
I get a ban every couple of weeks from someone reporting a status I have uploaded. These are anything from 12 hours to a week-long ban.
Are you scared your real Facebook’s going to get deleted or that you or your family might one day get kidnapped?
I don’t know, I don’t think what I'm doing is deemed bad enough to fb for my account to get deleted completely. Ain’t no thang. 
And I don’t think me or my family are at risk. However there’s one guy from High School who I used on it quite a lot in the early days and he ended up delete me and all my friends on Facebook. If I run into him I might get a punch in the face.
Worst status of your life? 
After that soldier was murdered in Woolwich earlier this year, the Worst Status inbox became full of incredibly ignorant and racist anti-Islamic status updates. One in particular incited racial hatred and violence in a pretty horrible way. I think he even ended up getting arrested for what he wrote. I also had a status that was to do with a girl having a rant about people judging her relationship because of the age gap between her and her boyfriend. He was nineteen and she was ‘nearly fourteen’. 
Do you use your fb page to chat up girls?
I have a girlfriend so no. But I have had a few people add me through the page, some of which happen to be hot chicks. When I had my mate Andrew help me manage the page he went all over town telling people he ran Worst Status thinking it would get him some pussy. It didn't. 
On another note though, I do see a crazy amount of hot chicks liking the page.
WOULD YOU RATHER fuck a goat and no-one ever know OR would you rather not fuck a goat but everyone for the rest of your life think you did?
I’d have to say I would rather have people thinking I fucked a goat then actually fuck a goat. I don’t think I could bring myself to enter a goat’s anus, or any other animals. 
Also goats’ kind of scare with their alien-like eyes anyway. 
Fuck that, I'm in to hot chicks.

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