XXXmas: Giant Butt Plug Destroyed In Parisian Square


20 Monday 20th October 2014

The beginning of Christmas cheer this year has taken a pornographic note, arguably the best kind, with a giant inflatable butt plug being erected in Paris. Initially constructed as a non religious holiday related art piece from the annual Parisian Contemporary Art Fair, viewers were quick to announce that it was a) meant to be a Christmas tree and b) similar to that thing they tried once with their girlfriends before chickening out and hiding it in a shoe box under their bed.

The people of Paris must not take to sex toy imagery too kindly in their public domain, as after just one night of its green glory, it was attacked. The artist, Paul McCarthy, then decided to remove the installation. The deflated artist deflated the piece stating he felt regret at the 'violent reactions' towards his tree, apparently completely blind to the gigantically obvious anal-plugging aspect of his work. I wonder if a large amount of lube was used to remove the sculpture also? 

The conservatives of Paris didn't agree that the piece reflected the plurality of the meaning of objects - as McCarthy said - and labelled it as a horrific sex toy-cum-Christmas motif. One agitated soul even struck the artist in the face before saying that his 'work didn't belong here' (here being outside the Ritz in Paris, in all fairness). Arguably those who seemed most in uproar about the symbolic nature of the piece may be the ones who are in desperate need of some poppers to help them relax. 

Poppers - not popular among Paris's ruling elite of contemporary art.

Standing at 24 metres tall on Place Vendome, the piece once stood as a signal of nature, a semiotical approach to humans understanding of object. Now it is gone, after the vandals cut off the blower that kept the whole structure full and rigid. 
This is almost the most depressing reaction to a tree since Stockton-on-Tees' Christmas tree was dubbed an 'upside-down Cornetto' and the worst tree in recorded history. Due to a mass renovation project taking place to make Stockton less depressing, they couldn't afford to get anything fancier, which is irony at its finest. 

Stockton-on-Tees' worst tree ever.

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