Ginglik Presents: Warehouse Werewolves


Written by Don't Panic
16 Wednesday 16th October 2013

They’re coming! Scores of werewolves are rampaging across the streets of the capital, and your only chance of survival is to join Ginglick at their safety zones based in several secret locations across Fish Island. If you have already been attacked, do not despair, as specially trained Werewolf Victim Support medical team members will be on hand to guide you through the streets and warehouses of Hackney Wick.

The team behind Ginglik, one of London’s best loved venues, are back to lead you through the eerie streets, canals and warehouses of creative epicentre Hackney Wick for an immersive multimedia night of thrills and kills. In the shadow of the Olympic Stadium, this post-industrial area provides the ideal backdrop for things that howl in the night. Expect chases down the maze- like streets, projected news bulletins, narrow canal escapes, safehouses and one of the best immersive experiences the capital has to offer. Survivors, after strict decontamination procedures, will be invited to the Wolf’s Den warehouse to celebrate their lucky escape with DJs and live acts until the early hours.

Saturday 2nd November. 7pm-6am

Tickets and info:

LPV Public Announcement Warehouse Werewolves from Sunosis on Vimeo.

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