Shoreditch Celebrates Portland


Written by Don't Panic
12 Thursday 12th April 2018


We’re all about celebrating the individuality and uniqueness of provinces across London that harbour and encourage creativity and community. This month its Shoreditch and it so happens that Shoreditch will be celebrating another great city of innovation and enterprise; Portland!

The creative capital of the Pacific Northwest is bringing some of its most inspired products – and the people who design, create and celebrate them – to East London for a multifaceted, 3-week takeover at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch.

With free vegan tattoos and intimate DJ gigs, tea spirits sampling and spoken word slams, a showcase of Portland-made goods and fine urban wines – and the opportunity to ride a bike from LHR to PDX – this portal to Portland is sure to intrigue and inspire.

You Can, In Portland  features a pop-up shop and a series of events, including talks with leading designers and entrepreneurs, live mural making, craft beer sampling, and more.

The public is welcome to enjoy the pop-up’s creative lounge space to work or play. Free coffee samples will be offered and Portland makers will be available for casual conversation in addition to talks, workshops and events.

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