Unsound Festival Takes To The Barbican


Written by Fin Murphy
18 Thursday 18th May 2017

Having navigated the mud, broken glass, ketamine addled bodies, torched tents and other murky delights which make up summer's festival season, we're ready for more of a cerebral experience. If you're seeking out interesting new music projects in an atmospheric venue, you'd be hard-pressed to find an event better than December's Unsound Festival at the Barbican.

Following on from Unsound events in Almaty and Minsk, with upcoming shows in Murmansk, L'viv and Kazan, Unsound Dislocation: London thematically dwells upon ideas of place and personality, bringing together practices such as music, audio-visual performance and dance. 

A playlist compiled by Unsound, featuring performing artists plus contemporaries

Liz Harris (the solo force behind long-running project Grouper) and visual artist Marcel Weber perform as NIVHEK and MFO in a piece called After its own death. Commissioned by Unsound, the Barbican and Goethe-Institut, the project originated in the Russian Arctic; using sound and imagery, the audience should expect a performance as harsh and sublime as its origins. 

UK born, Krakow based artist The Caretaker - aka Leyland Kirby of V/VM - will draw from his ongoing project centred around dementia using his extensive collection of vinyl records. His music will be joined by video from Weirdcore, a previous collaborator with Aphex Twin. Kirby will also be distributing a free, limited CD of new work, so you'll be able to own some exclusive sound design and Discogs.com gold. 

Lastly, PC Music's Felicita has worked with traditional dancers from ŚLĄSK Song And Dance Ensemble to present Soft Power. Traditional dance and folk culture mesh with contemporary ideas of tourism and branding in this collaboration between the London producer and the Polish dance company.  

Berlin-based artist Rabih Beaini will later perform a DJ set drawing on techno, jazz, music from Indonesia and much more. 

Tickets cost £17.50 – 22.50 and are available here.

A short documentary covering last year's event

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