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What's In Store For Boomtown Fair's Eighth Year?


Written by Simon Doherty
08 Friday 08th July 2016

The iconic tsunami of debauched hedonism that is Boomtown Fair is back next month and we're about as psyched as a peckish fresher who’s just discovered that their student card can secure them a free cheeseburger at maccies. They will be doling out both an apocalyptic line-up and their signature, quite frankly outrageous, production and it’s probably going to make you jump around like thousands of furious kangaroos locked inside a cage of fun.  

Expect the cream of the crop when it comes to ska, reggae, D’n’B, garage and way beyond. Headliners include Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, and Madness along with over 500 other artists across 100 stages. Click here to see the whole eclectic mix – literally something for everyone; from house to disco, electro swing to happy hardcore and almost everything in between. 

One of the things (other than the colourful, offbeat session ‘eds that attend) that makes Boomtown a unique and groundbreaking experience is the storyline plot that has run throughout all their festivals.  

Last year’s dystopian theme saw once-great, now brainwashed and corrupt supreme leader Comrade Jose erect the towering, Orwellian Bang Hai Palace as a token of her power. But her position may have become untenable: At the end of last year’s annual fair, an increasing number of rebel anarchists - vehemently opposed the new regime - began to gather in the shadows beneath the city. They plotted not to seize her power but to ‘totally destroy it’. 

These masked, revolutionaries proceeded to infiltrate the enormous pyramidal structure and take over the lower sections. The media communications that had been spewing out propaganda throughout the fair were hacked with a message of defiance and change: “The old ways are over, a new time is dawning, THE REVOLUTION STARTS NOW!” 

Chapter 8 of Boomtown, ‘The Revolution Starts Now’, will be open from 11-14th August at the Matterley Estate, Hampshire. We wouldn’t suggest missing out on an opportunity to explore this magical world for yourself – click here to buy tickets


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