Apple jealousy...


Written by Lauren Crowe
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17 Tuesday 17th January 2012

 Sooo I’m sat here on the train (a frequent journey I make from North to South) and I can’t help but notice…..everyone has an Iphone 4 (could be an Iphone 4S, but they look the same how should I know) I am the recent and proud owner of an Iphone 4 (couldn’t afford the 4s but got it in white hoping people may confuse it for the suri-tastic 4s) and even so I’m sat here trying to understand the dream that is the Iphone 4. Is it really that great? My younger stylish sister has the Samsung Galaxy and it’s ‘apparently’ pretty much the same as the Iphone (however a much cheaper option) I could have chosen this phone, and when trialling my sisters Galaxy, I didn’t disagree, it is more of less ‘the same’ apart from one crucial fact….it’s not an Iphone! This, I feel is what it boils down to. This leads me to believe that the Iphone is simply the fashionable choice (for me admittedly included) I had a blackberry for two years, not so secretly envious of every Iphone I caught a glimpse of. I was desperately kidding myself (and friends) that the Blackberry was the real business phone, but after two years of problems with the Blackberry, I became an Apple girl! I guess what I’m trying to say is, yes, the Iphone may be a gimmick, but it is oh such a stylish beautiful application galore gimmick that I will treasure and love until the day I unfortunately and inevitably…...............lose it drunk!!!!

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  • Guest: lindsayjkconn
    Tue 17 - Jan - 2012, 09:06
    Got 17 year-olds writing copy now?