Are ginger people finally cool?


Written by Aaron Jolly
06 Monday 06th September 2010


The red haired woman has been huge in popular culture over the last few years, with names such as Florence Welch, La Roux and Lilly Cole gracing our screens and magazines. And not to neglect the male front there is director Romain Gavras and Frank Carter of gallows repping red hair in the hardcore scene. Does this mean that ‘gingers’ are finally officially ‘hip’ or is it jus a passing trend? I can’t say, I guess we will have to wait for old grandpa time to let us know. For now we are going to have to deal with all the faux read head fashion followers and see how quickly they jump onto the next bandwagon.
RomainGavras is keeping this recent red head obsession on our minds with his recent video for MIA’s Born Free causing huge controversy, due to his depiction of gingers being taken to the desert and killed. In particular a scene of one especially cute red headed boy being shot point blank in the head. His first feature film is currently going with the title Redheads but I far prefer the literal translation of the French title Notre jour viendra or ‘our day will come’(if you watch closely there is a redheaded rebel in the MIA video holding a “our day will come” sign).Gavras obviously has a soft spot for our pale brothers. Starring Vincent Cassel it’s reportedly the story of a teen who is mocked and brutalized by his peers and his family. The teen then teams up with a Cassel, buys a redsports car and sets out for Ireland, the land of redheads, to start a ginger revolution.
Once I was walking down the street with a ginger pal of mine and some lads in a white van made the effort to pull over and say, “Oi mate your hair is on fire” And proceeded to drive off in hysterics. This of course was hilarious at the time but proved the point that ginger haired people seem to be acceptable to mock which of course it isn’t true. Marginalizing and mocking any substrata of society of course is wrong and equates to what essentially is racism.
“Aren’t redheads mutants with no souls?”, I hear you ask. Well the mutant part is a half truth I guess. Redheads have what is called a melanocortin-1 receptor gene that tells the body to make this protein known as the melanocortin-1 receptor. Melanin is the stuff that gives you your hair, skin and eye colour.This receptor only allow them to make a kind of melanin called pheomelanin. So they are stuck with red hair, freckles and little to no hope of ever getting a tan .In other words, yes, they are mutants. The soul part is debatable.
Here are some fun ginger facts and figures:
1) 2% of the worlds population have red hair and the largest percentage live in Scotland, where 13% of people have red hair closely followed by Ireland who come in with 10%
2) The sale of at home red dye kits has gone up 17% since the year 2000.
3) In the late 16th century, the fat of a redheaded man was an essential ingredient for poison.
4) Redheads are harder to sedate than any other people, requiring 20% more anesthesia.
5) The first redheaded British monarch was a woman. Boudicca, a Celtic warrior.
It seems that redheads day may well have come, or will they be extinct within 100 years – as the daily mail speculated in 2007  (it must have been a slow news day) this somehow seems unlikely. I mean pandas have schemes to keep them alive and reproducing surely we couldn’t let this rare breed of humans die out.


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