Are you the next W insider?


15 Wednesday 15th September 2010
The hotel brand W is opening in Leicester Square next February and is holding an X factor type of talent search, however the prize is not a record deal, it’s a job at the hotel. There’s a variety of top jobs up for grabs such as ‘Welcome Office’ (Reception), ‘Style and Wash’ (chambermaid) and the most prestigious job off all: an Insider (Consierge). They are looking for a specific type of person so read the following and if you meet the criteria perhaps you could be the next W insider…
You will need to progress through three audition rounds in order to reach the final. There is a judging panel of well-known socialites including J Alexander who is one of the judges on America’s Next Top Model, David Waddington who is a club owner and pop up gallery operator Libby Sellers.
The Criteria: you need to be a party animal, a socialite and dress as if every week is Fashion Week. You will be required to make any wish a reality, whether it be a helicopter ride, a Rolls Royce, an Alexander McQueen dress or a reservation at the Ivy.
The insider at the W Hollywood says that being an insider is not something you can learn, "It's something you are born to do”. He also gives an insight into what you can expect: "You have no free time, your phone rings 24 hours a day. You are not just the concerige, you're not just the welcome desk or security, you are everything.” Judge on the W Insider panel David Waddington outlines what he’s looking for in the ultimate insider: “They go out every night, they know duchesses and drag queens, they can get a table at 8pm anywhere and their parties always finish the next day. They attend recitals at the Barbican and understand the cultural significance of Cheryl Cole.” 
A big responsibility you may think but if you’ve got what it takes, here are the steps you’ll need to follow:
Stage One
Complete an online application, some of the questions you can expect to answer will be:
Where can I find the latest shop in London which carries a variety of young, cool designer goods? Why is the shop hot and how can you get me a discount?
It's Sunday, what are you going to do?
East or West London, Why?
Stage Two
Semi-finalists will be invited to a series of ‘special conundrums’ set up by the W Insider team that are inspired by fashion, design and entertainment. 
Stage Three
If you make it this far, you’ve done well and you will be invited to a personal interview in a secret location. Johnny Woo will be MCing the casting event too.
If you think you’ve got the Insider factor then you can apply now at and begin the process of getting London’s hottest hotel job.

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  • Guest: No
    Wed 25 - Jan - 2012, 06:05
    They should get Little Mix and Katie Price to work there, the style would be quite fitting.
  • Guest: No
    Wed 25 - Jan - 2012, 06:00
    Awful. "Style and Wash" ? lol. Pretty ugly hotel, too (just had a look at photo's). What are they doing to my hometown !