Back For The Future


Written by Olivia Patt
25 Sunday 25th September 2011

Without a doubt one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen, the hover board was a skateboard that hovered. It came in many different versions – pink for the girls, obviously – but we always had our eye on the Pitbull. By far the baddest of all the boards, it had rockets that allowed you to travel faster, and without one foot on the ground. Plus there were cables at the back so your mates could attach themselves and be pulled along. Although it’s unlikely they’ll be available in 2015 as predicted, we can’t help but feel something like this isn’t too far away (we have no scientific evidence of this. We just feel in a world where glow in the dark kittens are possible, surely hover boards can’t be too far off).

Back to the Future predicted loads of pretty useful sounding stuff. The auto-adjusting and auto-drying jacket, for example. Clothes that dry instantly? Yes please. Never again would you have to worry about spilling whiskey and coke all down your finest frock, nip to the bathroom, throw water at yourself, and watch it dry immediately. Perfect for those messy Friday nights. Similarly, we could definitely do with the rejuvenation clinic come Sunday. None of this half arsed Botox, this was serious business. The rejuvenation clinic would fix your hair, change your blood and even replace your spleen and colon. Hmm. Sounds a bit gross but you’d probably be glad of it at the time. The rejuvenation clinic is not to be confused with the disguising unit, which the user could enter, and have their appearance changed entirely. If we had it, we’d come out looking like Mila Kunis every morning - Black Swan Mila, not That 70s Show.

Auto-drying jacket

Come Monday in the office, we’d give our right arm for a Compu-Fax. After all, if we had a machine that wrote all of our articles for us, we wouldn’t need a right arm; or a left one for that matter. This little invention used to write automated stories for all the USA Todays that Marty was always reading. Useful for those Mondays when all you can concentrate on is pouring water into your mouth and trying to find somewhere where you can have a discreet nap without anyone in the office noticing. Also, for pure novelty value, how much did you love the Food Hydrator? Every film or book concerning the future seemed to involve tiny food, or dried food. BTTF went for the double whammy – tiny, dried food. How cool was it when  the tiny pizza went into the Hydrator and it came out a normal sized pizza? Pointless, yes. Fun? Definitely. We love the idea of stocking our cupboards full of miniature meals.

Like the hover board for grown ups, the flying cars criss-crossing across the screen in Back to the Future are perhaps not as distant a concept as we think. The Terrafugia car could soon be available to the general public, for the piffling sum of £150,000. All you need is a light aircraft license. Of course, it doesn’t have the ejection seats, which is by the far the best feature of the BTTF flying cars. Probably doesn’t shoot fire out of the tires either, but you can’t have it all. You can place a deposit here.

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