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Written by Leah Connolly
Photos and illustrations by Emily Scarlett Romain
06 Monday 06th February 2012

Badlands 777 are Chloe, Jade and Lilli, we hail from Essex but spend most of our time in London. Badlands is our life, heartbeat and brains.

Where did the idea for the project come from?

The project of Badlands happened really naturally, when the three of us are together and hanging out, something just clicks and shit falls nicely into place. It started as a blog and then out of frustration at the lack of good clothes in London, we sought to change it.

Chloe & Jade outside Swingers

What about the concept behind the name of ‘Badlands’?

We were going through a bunch of names and ‘Badlands’ was shouting at us, it just fitted us and our company.It’s also a rad movie that we love, brutal and beautiful and it hits you like a kick in the teeth. ‘777’ is a Danzig song and of course means JACKPOT and the font [used for logo] is based around the 'Slayer' font that we dig.

I recently stumbled across a series of stunning images taken by your friend Emily Scarlett Romain over on her site of your trip over to The USA - what did you get up to there?

We have an obsession with America; American boys, skaters, bikers, crusty rockers, the dirt, tack and the movies. We went to California, started off in LA and then drove down route 101 from LA to San Francisco and back to LA again. We had the times of our lives. We partied, got cute at Disneyland, hung out on Venice beach, ate at Swingers every day, cycled over the Golden Gate bridge, had too much sugar and made some friends for life (Miss Jesse Jo and our crazy little mermaid, Ariel).

At Disneyland

What were the inspirational aspects of the trip?

Everything inspired us and put this new lease of life into our bones. A different environment and a different scenery really changes your attitude and outlook on life for a little bit. Being on holiday with your best friends, not having a care in the world and having the Californian wind in your hair really reminds you what life is really about...having fun. Memories that we will take to the grave. There is no place like home though!

I agree, I am proud to be from the UK but Americans really do partake in everything with such enthusiasm. I can totally understand how and why Americana culture draws so many people in. Have you girls put any of your clothing into stores yet?

You can buy our customized stuff and vintage clothing at The Vintage Store on Brick Lane. We still sell on Ebay and we have a big-ass meeting with a big company soon that we are pissing our pants about.  Our main goal is to have our own shop in a couple of years and we won't stop until we've got it.

What is the plan for over the next year?

Our plan is to play hard but work harder. Make our Mummies/Daddies proud, keep making clothes that we're pleased to put our name too and most importantly, have fun whilst doing so.

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