Bizarre Houses


Written by Olivia Patt
07 Sunday 07th August 2011

Let’s start with the Russian gangster millionaire who decided to build the world’s largest fire hazard – a wooden skyscraper.  The thirteen story, 144 ft monster towers over the city of Arkhangelsk like something out of a Tim Burton film. Originally intending to build a two story house, Nikolai Sutyagin obviously lost his mind and just didn’t stop, bankrupting himself in the process. He and his wife now live in a few small rooms on the bottom floor as the incomplete building falls down around their ears. He does offer tours if you’re ever in north-western Russia, but be warned – there is no lift.

What about a giant toilet house? The brainchild of sanitation activist and man-who-was-born-in-a-public-toilet Sim Jae Duck, you can spend a penny and a night in this extremely large bog in South Korea for the princely sum of £24,000, the proceeds of which go to the Korea Toilet Association. Perfect for those evenings when you have the BFG round for dinner. 

For those of you that just don’t wanna conform, yo, how about an upside down house? Built by Daniel Czapiewski, this house is a striking and profound comment on the Communist era, so profound, in fact, that we don’t understand it. Czapiewski owns a construction company, and it took his workers 114 days to build it when it usually takes 21 because they were just so darn confused by the whole thing. Having attracted thousands of tourists, apparently the majority leave complaining of dizziness and mild nausea, which is kind of how I felt after coming out of Step Up 3D, and I don’t recommend it.

Prototype video of the house

I want you to think about the most incredible thing that 13 year old grunger you could ever think of, ever. Are you thinking? Have you got it? That’s right – SKATEBOARD HOUSE. A house which is fully skateable, with skateboard inspired furniture, has been commissioned by Pierre-Andre Senizergues, a pro skater and the founder of Etnies. It hasn’t been built yet, which is good as it gives us enough time to make friends with Pierre so we can go round and play once it’s done.

Shoe house, Pennsylvania

A nursery rhyme come true, how would you fancy living in a house shaped like a shoe? Well, you probably can, because bizarrely enough, there’s loads; from the States to South Africa to Mumbai. I could go on, but I won’t. And I’ll only show you one picture. You know, once you’ve seen one house shaped like a shoe…

Finally, the ultimate in weird buildings is a house that actually walks. Designed by an art collective from Denmark to beat floods, this mobile house can walk across any terrain and is wind and solar powered. It’s not exactly a family home at only 10ft high, which implies that the Danes intend it for a post- apocalyptic world in which we all live alone in moving metal boxes, roaming the earth in hope of finding food to cook in our tiny kitchens. Silly, but impressive.

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