Blogging Power Couples


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by Adeline Rapon, Louder than Silence, What Katie Wore, Hana Pesut
05 Monday 05th December 2011

Louder Than Silence

These two are probably some of the easiest-to-hate website owners we’ve come across in a while, mostly because their twee content makes bile rise in the throat of the average well-adjusted adult. Vintage-loving couple Ross and Sally split the work pretty equally on this, with both appearing in standard outfit photos that Ross primarily takes, while Sally does most of the writing. And generally that writing is about the great little vintage teacups/hats/cake tins that they cover that day. It’s apolitical froth, but probably offends most people because Ross seems totally emasculated by the largely girly content. Awkward.

What Katie Wore

Welcome to the world of couple Katie and Joe, where according to their own site “Joe writes the blog. Katie wears the clothes”. Let’s all drink to female empowerment, then. In some sort of warped universe where one pussywhipped boyfriend manages to both take away the voice of his female companion while solidifying his position as King Of Drivel, this blog rules the planet. Joe essentially snaps photos of his girlfriend in different garish print dresses and super colour-coordinated ensembles, initially as part of her mission to wear a different outfit every day for a year. We’re not sure why this qualifies as an outfit either, but these two definitely tilt towards the more irritating end of the scale.

Garance & The Sartorialist

Illustrator Garance Doré & photographer Scott Schuman sit more on the power couple side of things, independently running two street style blogs that dominate the Bookmarks folders of everyone from top fashion magazine editors to squealing teen fangirls. They go for the more subtle route when it comes to blogging, snapping other people looking awesome and thus earning positions as taste-makers, proper freelance photographers and sort of internet mini-celebs. They rarely shoot each other, but get name-checked on each other’s blogs enough to keep the gossip-hungry fans panting and clicking. Though Schuman’s already shown that his ego knows no bounds, it’s good to see his restraint when he could just be tempted to post gushy photos of Doré every day.

Wolves & Bucks

Finally, this French couple are carving out their own semi-artistic space in the world of personal couple blogging. The girl, Adeline Rapon, is already pretty well-known within French style blog circles (you know, the ones we all step into at some point) and started this image-based site with her man, Tony Stone, a little while ago. They generally just seem to take a camera out with them in Paris, shoot pretty and Parisian images and occasionally post a gross picture of them kissing. Kidding: they seem legitimately interested in honing their photo-taking craft and not getting into loads of detail on the mundane details of their lives. That’s pleasing. That’s really quite pleasing.

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