Body Part Jewellery


01 Sunday 01st July 2012

Percy Lau

You loved it when we posted on Facebook a couple of weeks back. Strange yet oddly covetable, Central Saint Martins student Percy Lau has designed a range of miniature flesh-coloured body part jewellery. There’s something for everybody, from nose necklaces to ear earrings (and even a cute little penis pendant), and we’ll bet money on the fact that you’ll be the only person at work/a party/anywhere wearing one.

Polly van der Glas

Ever wondered what really happened to all your old baby teeth? It’s a safe bet that the Tooth Fairy didn’t take them – but we have a strong hunch that Australian jeweller Polly van der Glas did. Setting real human teeth in sterling silver, these rings may be pretty gross, but they pack one hell of a bite.

Reid Peppard

Taking a reluctant stroll into the animal kingdom now – more specifically, the wonderful world of dead rodents – another Central Saint Martins student, Reid Peppard, has created her own accessories line, RP/Encore using a range of taxidermied carrion. From pigeon wing necklaces to guinea pig combs, the range is 100% natural, and no live animals were harmed in the making of it (just mutilated afterwards). One man’s roadkill is another woman’s large rat headpiece, I guess…

Margaux Lange

Well-crafted and more than just a little bit creepy, Margaux Lange’s deconstructed Barbie jewellery evokes those magical childhood moments we all spent decapitating, dismembering and otherwise defiling our own plastic femme friends. With an intriguing range of hands, mouths and even breasts moulded in silver settings, it’s a great way to take a little bit of Barbie with you wherever you go.

Anna Szabo

Time to have a look at some pieces that really get under your skin. This Concrete Organ Jewellery collection includes a kidney, stomach, liver, lung and heart, each with a magnetic setting to fasten it to clothing. Boys: what are you waiting for? There’s no better way to show your love for your sweetie than by giving her an anatomically correct interior organ brooch. Girls love that shit.

Kerry Howley

Inspired by people’s frequent aversion to cut hair (think about it: you’d never touch the stuff left on the salon floor, would you?), jewellery student Kerry Howley created Attraction/Aversion, a collection of necklaces made entirely out of human hair. As beautiful as they are, I can’t help thinking… eew.

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