Day-Glo Hair


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by Jeremy Scott, Yvan Rodic, src783, Thakoon
27 Sunday 27th March 2011

By now we've already heard about this year's spring/summer trends a thousand times: Gucci-inspired colour blocking, fruit in just about every form and the high-waisted 70s flare have been blogged and re-blogged enough. But what's that we see coming over the hill? Looks like the blinding colours of a highlighter streaked all through summer tresses. Now that's something worth trying out.

Blasts of neon shot through poker-straight locks at Jeremy Scott's recent Autumn/Winter 2011 show in New York City. Its title 'Candy Flip' pretty much sums up the look, with harshly bright hair colour fit to match some of the best make-up we've seen for this coming season. The catwalk, as always, pioneers the most brash and literal version of this trend. Wearability here becomes, er, pretty limited unless you're looking to be papped for a street style blog or want to experiment with colour mixing on your own face.
Still, the style team over at Thakoon's spring/summer show have given us a slightly less permanent version of the look. Instead of messing with dyes and mad amounts of eyeshadow all over your face how about weaving brightly coloured fabric through your hair instead? They used the material from bags sources in Nairobi, that were then incorporated into the show's accessories. The matchy-matchy bug bites again but this time with more subtlety than Scott's hair-to-eye combo.
Filtering this fun trend down to the streets and away from the bubble of the fashion world is already on the rise. Granted, most people haven't been as ballsy as to emulate the Jeremy Scott look: instead, the dip-dye micro trend has swept through the blogs and sites of the most fashionable. 
Generally when someone mentions dip-dyeing the first image to come to mind will probably be that trashy teen from your neighbourhood with too much time on their hands and little style. Nuh-uh, things are changing fast. Models, fashion bloggers and anonymous Hot People are embracing the look and turning it from rebellious to shocking, sexy or pastel-pretty. Last year's Giles spring/summer line catalysed the toned-down version of this style and it's been pcking up ever since.
Now we've got versions of it cropping up on Yvan Rodic's visual diary (the creator of the Facehunter), SRC 783 and at the fashion week queues from the last few months. In the same way the shaved side became a 'thing' it looks like fashionistas are out to put their own stamp on another hair trend. Once this one starts showing up all over Lookbook, its 'micro' nature will be well and truly dead. For now, be the hip one that everyone hates and get your dip on. 

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    Say what you want, it's still kind of an ugly style...