Death of a hipster


Written by Joe Cool
13 Monday 13th September 2010

Jay Z once rapped about the death of the auto-tune, how we all laughed. HOW WE ALL FUCKING LAUGHED. Judgement day has come for all hipsters, in the form of a viral video. I’m not going to lie; we're all damned by it. No excuses. No escape. We’re all hipsters, and now we're all dickheads. Walking through east London today I felt a sense of despair in the air. Residents of local estates were chucking their tightest jeans out of the window, smashed wayfarers were found on the pavement and men in torn jeans and empty-framed glasses were lying on the floor yelling, “It’s all ruined! It’s all ruined!” There is mass unrest in east London now.
Let’s say the video has done unspeakable damage. Will it stop people from being dickheads? Who knows? We thought of writing an article defending the hipster lifestyle, then realised everything we’d write would just reinforce it even more. It's like some tar brush that you can never get out being tarred with; being a hipster will forever more be tarred as being a dickhead. We all knew it already, we all secretly enjoyed it, but now we can't ignore it. Either we can shirk away and hide, or be relentlessly more dickish than ever. You decide?!
But what does the future hold for the creators of such a fine hipster-bashing anthem? A t-shirt range? A follow-up that doesn’t do very well? Mass hipster suicide? Or will the attitudes of many be changed by one simple song?

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  • Guest: alexandernewby
    Wed 15 - Sep - 2010, 15:04
    @MOOT!!! "at least hipsters are self aware" ARE YOU ACTUALLY BEING SERIOUS?????
  • JoeCool
    Wed 15 - Sep - 2010, 14:33
    Dear Moot, Can't you read? Regards, Joe. P.S. You were probably a dickhead before it was cool.
  • Guest: h.cox
    Wed 15 - Sep - 2010, 10:04
    I had to comment on the first comment on this blog... especially as the captcha was 'specific muroon' haha This is a f**king brilliant video - simply reminding those dickheads that its fine to be a dickhead if you want to be - just dont look down your noses at people that arent.
  • Guest: dschap75
    Tue 14 - Sep - 2010, 21:23
    This must have hit a sore spot with moot. Be proud of your dickhead.
  • Guest: jonathanperlmutter
    Tue 14 - Sep - 2010, 15:55
    that should say "somehow change as a result of a BLOODY VIDEO might miss".
  • Guest: jonathanperlmutter
    Tue 14 - Sep - 2010, 15:52
    I think this video is very funny and has a celebratory aspect to it, which people more concerned about whether or not it applies to them and if they should somehow change. Being a dickhead IS cool! It is a lot of fun! So carry on; being a dickhead is only cool, if you do it with conviction and gusto, like the protagonist of the song!
  • Guest: moot
    Tue 14 - Sep - 2010, 14:51
    nothing more hipstery' than making sneering 'durr i hate hipsters' videos / blog articles etc because you're a failed hipster yourself. get turned down for the job at vice did we boys? f**k off. literally the only people i know laughing at this bulls**t and reposting it all over their blogs and facebooks and tumblrs are a million times worse than any of the characters described in the video. At least hipsters are somewhat self aware. lame / 10, grow up you silly little homos ffs